Welcome to Networking at Tufts

The Networking lab (NAT) at Tufts University covers a wide range of topics in the domain of computer networks and distributed systems. Our current research areas are in cloud & mobile systems, wide area networking and future Internet architectures.

We are funded by grants from Tufts University and NSF.


23. May 2018

Musa has joined Facebook as a Production Engineer, Congratulations!.

19. May 2018

Sana and Peter have finished their MS at Tufts.

3. January 2018

Musa has finished his MS at Tufts.

11. December 2017

Congrats to Osama passing PhD qualifying exams.

7. December 2017

Hafiz Mohsin and Peter will present their Duplicate-Aware Networked Stack (DANS) work at 4th New England Networking and Systems Day.

5. September 2017

Welcome Abdullah, Peter, and Tooba.

21. August 2017

Mohsin has been awarded student travel grant for SIGCOMM 2017.

31. May 2017

Osama will join Akamai as a summer intern.

7. April 2017

Sana has been awarded travel grant to attend CRA-W Grad Cohort Workshop in Washington DC.

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