Welcome to Networking at Tufts

The Networking lab (NAT) at Tufts University covers a wide range of topics in the domain of computer networks and distributed systems. Our current research areas are in cloud & mobile systems, wide area networking and future Internet architectures.

We are funded by grants from Tufts University and NSF.


5. September 2017

Welcome Tooba and Abdullah: from LUMS to Tufts.

21. August 2017

Mohsin has been awarded student travel grant for SIGCOMM 2017.

31. May 2017

Osama will join Akamai as a summer intern.

7. April 2017

Sana has been awarded travel grant to attend CRA-W Grad Cohort Workshop in Washington DC.

01. April 2017

Mamoon has joined IBM Watson program as a Software Engineer, Congratulations!.

19. Januray 2017

Welcome Hafiz Mohsin Bashir: from LUMS to Tufts.

20. December 2016

Our work on "Cloud Datacenter Measurements" was accepted at WWW, Congratulations Osama & Mamoon!

7. October 2016

Sana will present her work on Slack Aware Networking on 3rd New England Networking and Systems Day.

11. September 2016

Our work on "Redundancy-Aware Network Stack for Data Centers" was accepted at HotNets, Congratulations Musa!

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